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Inspection Services for Property Managers

SDI's Inspections Save Property Managers Time and Money

There has never been a more important time to inspect tenanted properties. Repair costs and inflation have escalated, and the loss of rental income is greater.  Further, landlords in British Columbia are responsible for maintaining their rental properties to appropriate health, safety, and housing standards.
Regular inspections help property managers ensure the property is being used for its intended purpose, the property is in good condition, and there are no obvious signs of significant damage. This saves property managers time, helps prevent unoccupied units, keeps your owners informed and satisfied with the state of their properties.

Within 48 business hours, every inspection is followed with an electronic inspection report, which may include colour photographs of any issues noted during the inspection. 
Our inspection team is friendly and discreet delivering a professional service for property managers.

Residential Apartment Building

Our Inspections for Property Managers Include:

  • Coordinating with the tenant(s) directly to arrange a mutually agreeable inspection time.

  • Inspecting every room in the rental unit, including floors & ceilings.

  • Inspecting appliances and furnace/hot water tanks for visual issues.

  • Inspecting the exterior of the home for single family residences.

  • Helping identify obvious signs of sublets, short-term rentals or other unapproved use of the rental unit.

  • Providing electronic report (and any applicable photos) to the property manager within 48 business hours.

All inspections are completed by our professional & friendly team serving Metro Vancouver

SDI has completed over 33,000 inspections over the past 18 years. Let SDI give you and your owners peace of mind by regularly inspecting the properties in your portfolio!

How it works - contact us and we will:

  • Discuss your properties, your inspection needs, and answer any questions you have.
  • Agree on an inspection schedule (this can be as frequent or infrequent as you require).
  • Provide you with a quote over the phone (or by email, if you prefer).
  • Take it from there! We'll contact your tenants to arrange the inspections. 
  • Provide an emailed report to you within 48 business hours of each inspection.
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