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Inspection Services for Realtors

As a realtor, you are aware that properties take time to prepare for listing, and even after listing, sometimes the perfect buyer takes time to find. 


Empty homes are a liability. Empty homes are most exposed to vandalism, unnoticed water ingress, pest infestation and various other issues that can de-value the property. Further, home insurance can be rendered void if a property is left vacant and un-checked for over 72 hours.

Why not provide your clients with peace of mind by having the vacant property regularly inspected by SDI?

Residential Apartment Building

Our Inspections for Realtors Include:

  • Coordinating with you or your office to gain access to the property for as long as you require inspections.

  • Checking every room in the rental unit, including floors & ceilings.

  • Checking appliances and furnace/hot water tanks for visual issues

  • Checking the exterior of the home for single family residences for visual issues.

  • Providing electronic report (and any applicable photos) to realtor within 48 business hours.

All inspections are completed by our professional & friendly team serving Metro Vancouver

SDI has completed over 33,000 inspections over the past 18 years. Let us provide you and your clients peace of mind by regularly inspecting any properties that may be vacant for longer than anticipated.

Get a free quote for your listings today!

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